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Offering of Overseas Collective Investment Schemes in Switzerland

Fund selection criteria

The range of collective investment schemes to be distributed correspond to the objective of wholly satisfying the different area of a typical diversified asset allocation.

Selection criteria of collective investment schemes are the following:

  • The kind of fund and the implemented strategy
  • Track-record
  • Assets under management
  • Background and professional experience of the Fund Manager and of the Investment Management Team
  • The Risk Management process applied by the fund managers

The basket of selected Collective Investment Schemes to be distributed will typically respond to the needs of Swiss Indipendent Wealth Managers and their customers. The objective is to create an offer which will be able to fully and efficiently satisfy most of the areas of a traditional portfolios asset allocation (cash - bonds - equities - commodities - other), with low correlation and diversification.

Fund selection process


  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Dislocation / Inefficiency
  • Riskness - Downside Volatitlity and Bias
  • Total score


  • Search for Alpha in a UCITS format
  • Annual Fees
  • Portfolio's Leverage and Concentration
  • Exposure by strategy
  • Comparison of UCITS vs Offshore strategies


Mayfair Financial Services Ltd.'s counterparties will typically be:

The new distribution regulations are in place in Switzerland

After the 1 st March 2015, when the LICol revision entered into effect, the funds distribution activity is subject to the new rules. Any subject distributing Collective Investment Schemes to non-qualified investors needs a FINMA authorisation (art. 13 cpv. 1 LICol).