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Mayfair Financial Services Ltd

Diversification and capital growth in medium and long term

Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis

Mayfair Financial Services Ltd (Mayfair) is a Company founded in 2014 with a FINMA authorisation to distribute collective investment schemes to Swiss qualified investors. Products and funds selected have an “absolute return” bias and/or are managed by specialist niche players.

The main objectives of Mayfair is to build an excellent reputation and to create long-term relationships with its counterparts, observing high transparency standards and avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

Financial products are offered with the aim to preserve capital, through well defined selection criteria.

Distribution services

Il ventaglio di investimenti collettivi di capitale da distribuire risponde all'obiettivo di soddisfare in modo completo le diverse aree di una asset allocation classica diversificata.

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Main activities of the Company are offering and advertising in Switzerland of Overseas Collective Investment Schemes to institutional investors.

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Contact us

Request further general information about both our activities and our investment solutions through the appropriate contact form.

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